Born in 1962 in Modesto California, Ronnie Dean has often referred to his childhood and growing up as a ” Fruit Tramp Gypsy.” He and his family traveled across the states following the fruit harvest seasons from California to Oregon and Washington. Dean quickly grew accustomed to a lifestyle of relocating on a regular basis. Working and growing up in fields and orchards led to Deans passion for outdoor environments and his love of Mother Nature, which he refers to as “The Greatest Artist In The World.”

Studying at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Dean graduated with a degree in Industrial Design. He started his internships with local theaters in Philadelphia where he worked on set design, costume design, hair, and special effects makeup.

Although Dean enjoyed theater and behind the scene experiences, he still found himself drawn to working with and creating in outdoor environments. Looking through the lens of a camera for the first time changed the perspective of how Dean viewed the world around him and sparked his passion for photography. Sharing with others and showing them the way he sees the world through his eyes, “is the fun of it all.”

Currently living and creating in Makakilo Hawaii, his first collection of Digital Photographic Art called ” THE HAWAIIAN ISLAND SERIES” is available at Pictures Plus throughout the Hawaiian islands. The art was created from Deans original photography taken in Waimea Valley Botanical Garden as well as his own garden. The images of the native plants, trees, and flowers known to the Hawaiian Islands are used for composing this new form of Digital photographic art that is both modern and contemporary with a Kaleidoscope twist.

Dean works in many various mediums including acrylic, natural fibers and metal to name a few, creating artworks in the form of paintings, sculptures, fabrics, furniture and home decor. He enjoys creating art from found objects and repurposing them in order to help keep the Hawaiian landfills from over flowing with what Dean calls blank canvases just waiting to become Ronnie Dean Art.

He has donated his art and supported Nonprofit Organizations such as, Planned Parenthood of Hawaii and is currently working with the ” IWALANI FOUNDATION FOR BREAST CANCER AWARENESS AND IWALANI’S HEALING GARDEN, PU’UHONUA O HONOULIULI.

Ronnie Dean Art and information can be found at RONNIEDEANART.COM

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